Fighting Against Wrongful Criminal Charges

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Can Your Pet Get You Arrested?

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Pet owners are responsible for just about everything their pet does. If your pet hurts someone or damages property, you could be sued in court. But can you get arrested? Here are a few situations to consider. Dog Bites If your dog bites someone other than a burglar or trespasser, you will usually be liable in a lawsuit for their injuries. However, most dog bites are not a crime. The only time police would get involved was if you did something intentional or reckless. Read More»

Being Charged with a DUI? Get the Charges Dismissed or Reduced

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If you are facing DUI charges and know that the charges going to have a negative effect on your job, you want to get a lawyer to see if the charges can be reduced or fought. There are a lot of ways the lawyer can help you try to fight the charges, and your lawyer could work out a plea deal that helps you get the charged reduced. What you blew if you took a breathalyzer test, why you were pulled over, and what you said or did after you were confronted by the police is going to affect your case. Read More»

Being Sued Because You Allegedly Supplied Alcohol To Minors? How Your DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help

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You have probably heard the phrase “Adults who supply the alcohol lose it all.” This is an anti-drinking message which targets parents who supply their teenage children with alcoholic beverages and encourage them to drink and have a party at their house. Since this is still an illegal act and one which would cause parents to be sued by all of the parents of the other kids at the party, it begs the question as to why these parents would risk everything. Read More»

Theft Of Friendship: Getting Rid Of A Receiving Stolen Property Charge

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If you are friends with people who like to walk on the wild side, you know how to be careful not to get caught up with them in any scams. Unfortunately, there are ways that make you criminally culpable for crimes they commit, even if you are not aware of them. If you have been charged with receiving stolen property for your friends, you may have a hard time untangling yourself from this web. Read More»

The Greatest Confidentiality: Attorney Client Privilege

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Anyone watching a crime drama on television has likely observed the legal concept of attorney client privilege. People often take this ability to speak frankly with legal counsel for granted, until the day comes that they are faced with an unfortunate situation. If you find yourself wondering how honest and forthright you can safely be with your attorney, read on to learn more about speaking confidentially with your attorney and how your speech is protected. Read More»