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Being Sued Because You Allegedly Supplied Alcohol To Minors? How Your DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help

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You have probably heard the phrase "Adults who supply the alcohol lose it all." This is an anti-drinking message which targets parents who supply their teenage children with alcoholic beverages and encourage them to drink and have a party at their house. Since this is still an illegal act and one which would cause parents to be sued by all of the parents of the other kids at the party, it begs the question as to why these parents would risk everything. Likewise, bar owners who serve underage adults and teens who look old enough are risking the same thing. If you are being sued because a parent claims you served his/her child alcohol and now that child is facing criminal charges, you will need a DUI defense lawyer. 

What a DUI Defense Lawyer Does 

This is not just a case of alcoholism and driving drunk, which is why you do not hire a DUI lawyer. You hire a DUI defense lawyer to defend you against the allegations that you supplied the alcohol that led to someone's demise. Your DUI defense attorney then has to show that you are a responsible beverage server with all of the certifications and licenses that accompany your title and bar ownership. He or she also has to collect evidence to prove that you did not serve the person or persons who is/are now suing you.

Evidence Your Lawyer Will Need

If you have working video footage of your bar and the night in question, your lawyer is going to need that. Hopefully you do not have the type of CCTV system that records over old footage because that is going to be your main form of proof. The only other proof you have will be the bar servers and any witnesses who can clearly remember that evening (which may be very difficult to find, because it is a bar and almost everyone does drink). Other video proof that may be helpful is any video footage of these persons entering or leaving your establishment on the night in question. Receipts for drinks are also helpful.

Proving That Everyone Was Carded and Checked before They Were Served

Some bars have gotten smarter about fake IDs. They take a scan or photograph of all IDs of everyone attempting to enter the bar. If you are lucky enough to have this in place, this can also prove your innocence, or at least prove that you served someone with a very good fake ID and therefore cannot be held totally accountable. Your lawyer can then work to get the criminal charges reduced if not dropped. If you do not have this security measure in place, you will need to rely on your bouncer's or door person's memory to help you out.

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