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Being Charged with a DUI? Get the Charges Dismissed or Reduced

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If you are facing DUI charges and know that the charges going to have a negative effect on your job, you want to get a lawyer to see if the charges can be reduced or fought. There are a lot of ways the lawyer can help you try to fight the charges, and your lawyer could work out a plea deal that helps you get the charged reduced.

What you blew if you took a breathalyzer test, why you were pulled over, and what you said or did after you were confronted by the police is going to affect your case. Here are some things to consider doing fast.

Hire a DUI Specialist

Find an attorney that is a DUI attorney. This kind of lawyer will know how to research the equipment that was used to test your blood alcohol levels and look for faulty police practices. If they aren't able to prove you innocent, they will have experience working out DUI plea deals and helping you get the penalty lowered. 

Look Responsible

If you know that fighting the charges is going to be difficult or impossible, you will want to show that you are sorry for your actions. You want to consider:

  • Attending alcohol-awareness classes
  • Taking a defensive driving course
  • Volunteering for a local driving- or alcohol-related charity

These are just a few of the things that will show a judge you are taking the incident seriously and that you want to give back or be productive after the mistake you made.

Avoid Making a Statement

Don't make any statements to the police until you have a lawyer. You don't want to say something that will incriminate you if you could get out of the charges, and you don't want to hurt your case. Instead, allow your lawyer to do the talking for you.

If you are charged with a DUI or alcohol-related offense, you could end up losing your license and not be able to drive for work, and you could have your name published in the local newspaper with the charges. If you do not believe you had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit, you'll want to get a lawyer to see if they can get the charges dismissed so you can walk away without a charge on your record. If you really were driving under the influence, you may want to see if your attorney can get the charges reduced.