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What To Expect At An Initial Meeting With A Criminal Lawyer

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Being arrested and charged with a crime is a stressful, and you may not be sure where to start with your defense. If you have been charged with a crime, one of the very best things that you can do is hire an experienced criminal lawyer to represent you. While you are not required to have legal counsel represent you in court, you are much more likely to have a better outcome if you have a lawyer. When you hire a criminal lawyer, you will need to have an initial meeting to review information. Continue reading to learn more about what you should expect the first time you meet with your criminal lawyer.

Providing Information About Yourself

In order to effectively defend you against criminal charges, your lawyer will need to know as much about you as possible. You should be prepared for your criminal lawyer to collect personal information, such as your full name, your phone number, and information about your employment. Your lawyer will also want to know about any past arrests or whether you have a criminal record. It is very important to be completely honest with your criminal lawyer and answer all questions truthfully. Lying or omitting information will make it much more difficult for your lawyer to create an effective defense on your behalf.

Outline the Details of Your Arrest

Ideally, you should meet with your criminal lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest so all of the details are still fresh in your mind. Your lawyer will ask a series of detailed questions about the events that led up to the arrest, the names of any alleged victims, what you said or did, and what type of interactions you had with the arresting officers when they arrived. The more information your can provide to your lawyer, the better.

Presentation of Evidence

If you have any evidence that pertains to your case, make sure that you bring it with you to your initial meeting with your criminal lawyer. Types of evidence that will be useful include the police report and the names and contact information of any eye witnesses who may have seen the events leading up to the arrest. If you have any other evidence that pertains to the crime that you were charged with, such as videos, text messages, or emails, you should also present this information to your lawyer. Your lawyer will use all of the information provided when developing a defense strategy.

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